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What Everyone Is Saying About Us

At TR Designs & Events, we strive to always perform at the highest level of quaility, but as a potential client, it is always nice to see what others are saying about our performance. Here are just a few of the testimonials of clients that we have worked extensively with.

I just want to thank you so much for everything you did r us. I can't begin to name everything, but I can tell you that the gym looked amazing and everyone had a blast and wat totally impressed with the transformation you made happen. Everyone has gone out of their way to tell us how beautiful the gym looked and what a fantastic job you did. Thanks again, Todd. You were truly a blessing to us and we appreciate everything you did for us!

                                                                                                                          -Linda C. (mother of the bride)

Can I just say... you rock! Thanks so much for all your help and for working so well with my budget. You are so great at what you do! 

                                                                                -Debbie P.

I can't believe how great things can work out like this. Thank you for being so flexible, enthusiastic & wonderful with us. This would not have been the same without you. Thanks again for making it all come together!

                                                                                    -Aly & Luis

thank you for giving me my fairy tale wedding! You did so much and the result was amazing. I certainly could not have done anything that would look nearly as beautiful! Thank you!

                                                                                                      -Laura & Chesley

Saying "thank you" doesn't even begin to express our deepest and truely most sincere thanks for all you did to create and bring forththe dream, cinderella wedding Lauren was hoping for! She was so pleased with the whole evening, from start to finish and a large part of that success was to to your touches! Thank you for being on this wonderful dream adventure with us and "capturing" what Lauren wanted. 

                                                                                                                                   -Bill & Darlene (parents of the bride)

Well Sir, I must say that you are AWESOME!!!! I could not have made Craig's surprise party a success without you. You made it so fun from the very beginning. I absolutely love that you allowed the girls to help with the decorating because it made it more personal. The best part was that you made it completely stress free. Everything looked "super" and tasted great. You truly are gifted with this talent. Thanks again!

                                                                                               -Stephanie E.

Today I am thankful that one year ago on this day a very talented young man, Todd Reed, TR Designs & Events, began a 72-hour adventure (a.k.a. Amanda A. and Kevin A. wedding) with us! He helped us set-up and coordinate the almost two years of DIY projects and ideas we had been working on into a beautiful and memorable wedding! He also organized the rehearsal, spent the night at our venue to continue working and 'guard' our items we had spent all day setting up, and greeted us the day of the wedding as if he had a good night's rest (which I know he didn't due to some odd noises)! His skill at knowing when humor or kind words are needed were a lifesaver to me and helped me shake off some very emotional situations! And to top all of that off he showed up bright and early the day after the wedding to help us pack it all up! Thank you, Todd, for sharing your creative talent and professionalism with me and my are a blessing!

                                                                                                                    -Julie H. (mother of bride)

Todd...we cannot thank you enough for all you have done for us over the past three days! You are a true professional and were able to anticipate and react to every situation that needed to be handled. I will be the first to say we thought we could to it all, but I have never been more thankful that you agreed to handle our weekend coordination and made the actual day one we could enjoy knowing you were in charge!!! You took our plan and made sure it was executed flawlessly, and added in details we would have never have thought of! Thank you also to Kaylee and was so nice to see your smiling faces every time I was racing back and forth for one thing or another and to know that you all were helping take care of all of the details so we could enjoy the evening! We couldn't have done it without you, Todd!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

                                                                                                                    -Julie H. (mother of bride)

Thank you for making our day extra special. Eveything turned out absolutely perfect. I've had a lot of complements on the decor. Thanks again!

                                                                                                  -Molly & Jason

Thank you so much for all the work you did for our wedding. We loved all the decorations and everything looked beautiful. I am so thankful for you and all that you have done for me throughout the years I've known you! Thanks again for all your help!

                                                                                                             -Lauren & Grant

We want to thank you for everything you did to make the wedding of our dreams a reality. I gotta say, I was pretty nervous about having the reception in a gym, but you absolutely pulled it off! I was in awe when we walked in that night. We feel so blessed that you were a part of our wedding!

                                                                                                                 -Courtney & Andrew

Todd has done both of my daughters weddings, as well as my sons. This man is a genius!! All the weddings were superbly decorated in very simple, yet classy and elegant style, each with their own personalities to fit the wedding. Both my daughters, and daughter-in-law were thrilled with what he did for them. Todd made the process so easy for us. He never pushed any ideas on us, but let us tell him exactly what was wanted. When we didn't know what we wanted, we told him what we did not want and he knew just what to do. We felt much at ease and knew we could trust his expertise even when we couldn't see it in our mind's eye. Todd is very reassuring and confident which enabled us to rust him. There was never a worry over the decor during what could have been a stressful time. We were all stunned at the beauty and elegance of the finished product. What he did was far better than what we tried to imagine. I HIGHLY recommend Todd's creative genius. He is one of the best memories of our weddings.

                                                                                                                                      -Lori J. (mother of brides)

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