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Make Your Escort Table Memorable

Guests escort Cards don’t always have to be placed flat on a table for people to rummage through and the wind to blow them around. Try some cute, fun ways to personalize your guest escort card area and know that your guests will have fun finding their names and remember the special touch you added.

Take this guest escort board for example. With a nautical theme, the bride and groom chose a stained piece of plywood that then had a map glued to back of it. With simple string strung from side to side, the cards were able to hang straight and people were able to find their names and places very easily. Once all the cards were gone, it was not an empty table or board, but instead, the maps came through and added to the décor of the event. Make your idea personal to you and something that your guests are going to remember.

Things NOT to do:

-Do not put them in order of table numbers. Too many people now try and post a list by table, and people are stuck searching for their names, and many times they miss it and are left frustrated, walk away, and end up asking someone for help

-Do not make the type, font, calligraphy or any other information on the card unreadable. Remember that these will probably be located in a dimly lit area, so make them as visible as possible for guest, both young and old, to be able to clearly read and identify them.

-Do not mix and match singles, couples, and families. If the guest is coming alone, they get a single card. If a guest is coming with their spouse, they get a single card together. If kids are coming, let them feel special on that day, and give them each a single card as well. Don’t do some couples on separate cards or some families all together and others apart, consistency is the key.

-As much fun as it may be to try and sort them out, DON’T! For example, if you are having a destination wedding, don’t think it’s cute to put everyone in groups by what state they are from. This confuses people, takes too much time to find their name, and leaves too much room for error.

Things TO DO:

-Put them in alphabetical order by last name. That is etiquette, and what people are looking for. Make it easy for them to figure out and to find their name.

-Lastly, quadruple check everyone on the guest list, spellings, placing and such. There is nothing worse than getting to a reception that you’ve RSVP’d for, and finding that you don’t have a place to sit. It takes but a few moments to make sure that everyone is going to feel special and appreciated on your day!

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