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Don't Follow The Trends

Every bridal magazine, website, and pinterest board is trying to tell you what kind of a bride you need to be. I'm here to tell you to stop following them! While they are great to see what is in style and to get ideas from, you need to make your wedding personal and tailored to who you and your groom are. Just because all of the soft colored flowers and lots of greenery are in style, if it's not you, don't thin you have to follow that. Outdoor weddings are a huge rage right now, but there are still plenty of beautiful churches for a more traditional wedding if that is what fits you. The main point that I'm trying to tell you is, although there are so many beautiful things in style right now, there are many beautiful things that are still may fit you and your personality so that your day reflects who you are. TR Designs & Events specialize in making sure that our bride's day is a complete reflection of who they are as a person. Let us help make your day amazing!

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