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Everybody Loves A Cookie To Take Home

When deciding what to give your guests as a gift for taking the time to come to your wedding, people go through so many different options. Let me help break it down a little bit for you from our experience at TR Designs & Events. As wedding planners, we always look at every aspect of each event we do and evaluate the effectiveness of the day to create the experience for our bride and groom as well as their guests. When it comes to thank you gifts, we have seen everything from picture frames that were used as escort cards turned into take home gifts to doing nothing with the mentality of "they came here to see us". While I always tell my bride to make their entire day personal to them, there are still some etiquettes and courtesies to show to your guests. They have taken their time to come support your day, and it is nice to send them home with a little something to say thank you, but what are some of the most practical and impractical things for a guest?

Chances are that your guests already have plenty of trinkets, and don't need anymore (and if they don't have any, there's a reason...they don't want them), so skip out on the little frames, the ringing bells, and anything that is just going to sit on a shelf or be crammed into a drawer, IF it makes it home with them. You cannot use your cake as a take home gift either, guests want to eat it at the reception and enjoy it with you (same goes for cupcakes!) Here are a few practical things that we have done at TR Designs & Events:

-Create a wax seal with your monogram on it, and attach it to thin ribbon that you wrap around a champagne glass. This glass is used for toasting at the wedding, as well as guests taking them home. They can use them, and they can also display them if they choose. This same idea has been used on small votive glasses with a candle inside.

-For a snowflake themed wedding that was right before Christmas, we bought some snowflakes and created an ornament with their monogram on them. This doubled as table decor as we wrapped the napkins with them, and it added to the theme and looked beautiful.

There are always cookies. These make your event personal, and people can take them home for a late night snack. They won't have anything sitting on their shelf to remember you by, but they will always have the memory of how fun and delicious their gift was!

As you can see, there are lots of options when thinking about gifts for your guests. Just make it practical, budget friendly, useful or yummy and your guests are sure to remember your wedding and talk about how great it was for years and years to come!

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